dir/Active is the developer of iTransport and iTextern, a user-friendly, web-based software solution for automating logistic processes in healthcare and healthcare-related organisations. It enables organizations to easily organize, execute and monitor the progress of tasks such as patient transportation (internal and external), logistics and cleaning. iTransport ensures that all planned and ad-hoc tasks are recorded, assigned and executed in a simple and efficient way.

The heart of the iTransport application is an algorithm for automatically assigning tasks to available staff. This is very useful because each activity is traceable, monitored and adjusted in real time. This ensures an optimal and direct communication between patient carriers, nursing departments and treatment units. iTransport is used in more than 100 hospitals in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

The software is a proven solution that professionally unburdens and supports the patient transport (internal and external), cleaning and logistics services of many organizations. Since 2001, dir/Active has been a leading specialist in the field of patient transport, cleaning and other logistical and facility transport tasks in and around hospitals. dirActive has become a knowledge partner through its years of experience and knows what is going on in healthcare.

Olaf Zernitz has been CEO at dir/Active since 2019. With a team of enthusiastic professionals, we strive for a better and continuous quality of care.


dir/Active uses a professional partner network that consists of various knowledge partners & implementation partners. Our partners enable us to implement the software in the best possible way and achieve the maximum result for our customers. Each partner brings his own knowledge, experience, service or product.