Hôpitaux du Léman in Thonon Les Bains has gone live with the internal patient transport module in iTransport. The hospital has been using iTextern since 2018 and is very satisfied with the user friendliness, implementation and support.

In addition to the positive user experience of iTextern, the traceability of data, extensive management information and reporting options have been important reasons for choosing iTransport. The lack of insight into the work within the team of patient transport was a challenge of Léman. With the implementation of iTransport, this is now a situation of the past and tasks are planned efficiently. By using iTransport, the hospital has automated and simplified many transport tasks and also gained insight into the workload of the teams. Now that it is clear where possible delays or bottlenecks occur, it is easier to anticipate. We wish Léman the best of luck!


Hôpitaux du Léman is a 307-bed hospital in Thonon Les Bains, France. The Chablais Haute-Savoie is the region with 110,000 inhabitants (the number doubles during the summer and winter season with tourists).