We are pleased to announce that Sanilea is now our official partner. We are very happy with this collaboration. Sanilea is a major player in the organization of patient transport in France. The ability to link both software solutions to hospitals and healthcare facilities makes it able to manage all logistics transport tasks from start to finish.

Hospitals and health care facilities face significant facts such as rising expenditures, a shortage of health workers and an aging population. Expenditure can be reduced by optimizing management processes. At the same time, this must not be at the expense of the quality of the patient’s care process. Supply chain performance is therefore becoming increasingly important.

With the option of linking the complementary software Speedcall and iTransport  a unique total solution for all hospital transport flows is possible. A solution for inside and outside the hospital: internal and external patient transport, bed management, transport of equipment, patient-related materials and the organization of all daily cleaning tasks and other logistics processes. iTransport and Speedcall simplify the work for caregivers and improves the proces of the patient’s care pathway.